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21 Nov 2018

How to Acquire Budget for Your Privacy Program

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How do I make a bus...

04 Oct 2018

From Privacy Project to Privacy Program: Learn How GM, Coca-Cola European Partners and Otter Products Leverage GDPR Initiatives to Comply with the CCPA and More

To comply with obligations under the GDPR (and the 700+ other global p...

27 Sep 2018

Tracking The GDPR: How to Keep Up with National Law Developments 2018, Q3 2018

To assist organisations in their ongoing GDPR compliance journey, we h...

20 Sep 2018

Using the Nymity CCPA Accountability Handbook to Operationalize Compliance

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Nymity Handbook, a com...

By Nymity
13 Sep 2018

Demonstrating Compliance with Multiple Laws, from GDPR to CCPA

The dust has barely settled on GDPR preparation, and another big law i...

06 Sep 2018

Part 2: How to Take an Accountability Approach to Compliance with Multiple Laws (GDPR, CCPA and 700 more!)

Some organisations have been treating the GDPR as if it were a one tim...

30 Aug 2018

Part 1: How to Take an Accountability Approach to Compliance with Multiple Laws (GDPR, CCPA and 700 more!)

With the advent of the GDPR and the overwhelming attention it received...

23 Aug 2018

It’s Not Too Late for GDPR Compliance, and There are Tools to Help

As the EU GDPR was coming into effect this year, there was much specul...

16 Aug 2018

Accountability – It is more relevant than ever

The discussion on accountability is heating up around the globe. On th...

By Nymity
09 Aug 2018

Applying “Legitimate Interests” in Practice under the GDPR

In previous blogs, we have discussed the legitimate interests as a law...