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Written by Nymity
on January 11, 2018

2018 is officially underway, and for many organisations across the globe, GDPR compliance is being prioritized in anticipation of the May enforcement date. As subject matter experts, the team at Nymity has been asked to speak on the topic of GDPR compliance at myriad events over the last year, not the least of which being the ICDPPC in Hong Kong this past fall. Recently, Lisa Ruff, Senior Solutions Advisor for Nymity, was interviewed by Business Reporter, and she shared with the UK audience an overview of our company’s approach to GDPR compliance.

The GDPR is not the first regulation of its kind, but the unprecedented level of regulatory power that it possesses places it in a unique position amongst similar legislations across the globe. When one considers the penalties non-compliant organisations are subject to- including fines of up to 4% of global annual turnover, frequent audits, and processing bans, not to mention the bad publicity associated with a breach- it is understandable why the GDPR has become a “newsworthy” item.

Further, since there are no established procedures for GDPR compliance, many organisations have a number of in-depth questions regarding which technical and organisational measures they need to establish in order to evidence their compliance. This is where privacy experts, such as Lisa Ruff, can provide a great deal of clarity.

In the Business Reporter article, Lisa states that since the GDPR spreads the responsibility of compliance across the organisation, privacy management activities must be built into every level’s daily procedures and operations. Further, each organisation will have unique requirements, meaning that the technical and organisational measures necessary will differ between organisations. Thus, in the face of such ambiguity, many companies are struggling to develop a privacy infrastructure that can provide appropriate evidence of compliance to regulators.


Nymity’s solutions provide users with a set of hands-on, comprehensive, practical tools that not only help to develop a privacy management infrastructure, but also to create the appropriate documentation to prove capacity for ongoing compliance with regulations including the GDPR. Nymity’s accountability approach is unique in that it leaves no stone unturned, building opportunities for privacy management activities into daily practices at every level of an organisation.

Business Reporter is an esteemed UK publication featuring thought-provoking articles and video content on Management, Marketing, Finance, Technology, and Cyber Security. To read the full article, click here.

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