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20 Jun 2019

Reporting to the Board on Privacy: Practical Advice from a Chief Privacy Officer

Corporate directors and senior leaders take on a broad range of respon...

By Nymity
10 May 2019

Recap: 2019 IAPP Global Privacy Summit

Last week, the Nymity team headed to beautiful Washington, DC as a pla...

By Nymity
30 Apr 2019

Nymity Launches Next Generation Solutions Enabling Organizations To Minimize Time To Compliance

TORONTO, CANADA – April 30, 2019 - Today, Nymity, Inc. announced the a...

By Nymity
27 Mar 2019

Research: The Key Ingredient to a Successful Privacy Program

Your organization worked hard to complete compliance activities for th...

By Nymity
13 Feb 2019

Reporting Data Privacy Obligations to Your Board

We get a lot of requests on how to report on data privacy obligations,...

By Nymity
28 Jan 2019

Welcome to Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day - an international effort held annually on J...

By Nymity
20 Sep 2018

Using the Nymity CCPA Accountability Handbook to Operationalize Compliance

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Nymity Handbook, a com...

By Nymity
16 Aug 2018

Accountability – It is more relevant than ever

The discussion on accountability is heating up around the globe. On th...

By Nymity
02 Aug 2018

Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance? Part 2: Project Level Reporting

Accountability is the cornerstone of Regulatory Ready reporting, and i...

By Nymity
26 Jul 2018

Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance? Part 1: Enterprise Level Reporting

Organisations had two years to prepare for GDPR compliance in the run-...

By Nymity