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19 Jul 2018

Are You Ready to Report on GDPR Compliance? Learn About Regulator Ready Reporting

Do you understand the minimum documentation requirements that a regula...

By Nymity
12 Jul 2018

Demonstrating Compliance with both GDPR and CCPA

With the dust of the entry into application of the GDPR hardly settled...

By Nymity
05 Jul 2018

GDPR Breach Notification Is Here: What Now?

After years of anticipation, preparation, and countless hours of inter...

By Nymity
28 Jun 2018

Large Scale Data Processing

As most people will have realised by now, the General Data Protection ...

By Nymity
14 Jun 2018

TRACKING THE GDPR: How to Keep Up with National Law Developments

Almost three weeks have passed since the GDPR became applicable on May...

By Nymity
31 May 2018

Run-up to May 25: The most downloaded resources from Nymity Templates™

The GDPR is now officially enforceable, following the implementation d...

By Nymity
17 May 2018

The GDPR and Technological Innovation – Interparliamentary Committee Meeting, EU Parliament

In just over a week, the GDPR will finally be in full force. The deadl...

By Nymity
10 May 2018

Processing Personal Data Under the GDPR Part 4: Lawful Use of “Legitimate Interests”

While the “legitimate interests” ground for processing can be lawfully...

By Nymity
03 May 2018

Processing Personal Data Under the GDPR Part 3: Unlawful Use of “Legitimate Interests”

As is the case with any number of principles within the data privacy s...

By Nymity
26 Apr 2018

Processing Personal Data Under the GDPR Part 2: DPA Issued Guidance and Legitimate Interests in CJEU Case Law

The “legitimate interest” grounds for lawful processing is less a cut-...

By Nymity